Our travelling dingo will fix your tools onsite - quickly

Don't waste man hours getting tools fixed
Get our Dingo Diamond Travelling repair man to visit you

Our Dingo Diamond repair man can come to you for those quick and easy fixes such as head bearings, blown belts and general machine servicing.

In cases such as bearings changes, belt replacements and Ringsaw repairs, there is no need to stop your job. We can have you back cutting whilst you do something else, limiting down time and client disappointment.

Core drill water seals, broken wiring/plugs can be replaced whilst you have smoko.

To get an urgent repair, call the Travelling Dingo
08 6397 7322

Repairing all your cutting and diamond tools

Dingo Diamond Tool Repairs service and repair all major brands and models of concrete cutting tools, diamond tips tools and saws. We can perform most fixes and services onsite - saving you time and money.