Dingo Diamonds are specialists in repairing Concrete cutting and core drilling equipment as well as other concrete manipulating machines.

The concrete cutting industry is constantly evolving with its technicalities and its modernisation to match operational and health and safety standards for an ever growing and unrestricted task.

Dingo Diamond Tool Repairs guarantees quality fast turn around affordable service with an emergency call out work shop vehicle for those onsite urgent repair situations to keep your job moving with as little delay as possible.

Dingo Diamonds also has one of the largest stocks of SDS Max hammer drill bits in Perth between 14mm diameter to 40mm diameter various lengths up to 1 meter long.

Dingo Diamonds will endeavour to follow international cutting trends and stay up to date with relevant information that will ultimately benefit clientele. Due to our long history in performing concrete cutting projects we can willing offer operational advise/trouble shooting and corrective services.

All diamond products are highly tested in the WA market by a local high end concrete cutting company and are equal quality or better in some instances than current Perth based supplies

The owner and manager of Dingo Diamonds has been in the industry for over 20 years as a mining and high rise commercial/residential concrete cutter/project coordinator and a further 5 years concrete grinding and repairing.

He has identified a need for quick professional equipment return including a one stop shop with qualified electrical and mechanical repairers as well as diamond product supplies not seen readily available here in the West including large diameter and long length coring barrels.

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